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DRD - Caldovac series

Industrial rotary airlock valve for hight temperature


Its end covers and motorisation are way more spread to protect them and maintain all the device properties and functioning quality. If need be, the lock can be lagged.

Equipped with a waterproof PTFE preformed rings series, this device can be equipped with other material to resist high temperatures going up to 700°C.


The DRD Caldovac series was conceived from a union between our DRE Basic series and DRB performance series. This device is often used to evacuate ashes under heaters or electro-filters. Its admissible pressure delta goes from -0.5 from 0.3 bar.

Thus, the DRD is adapted for:

- an intensive use with high temperature

- in case of dust, under depression cells. 

This rotary valve can be installed on many industrial process (see the main page:

Different motorisation type can be mounted on your device on your request or according to our recommendations. On request, multiple combinations are possible and depending on the technical specification.

Depending on the product characteristics to transport, the DRD device would suit many lines of business such as chemical and pharmaceutical industry, petfood, cement, sawmil and wood indutry, biomass, minerals, steelworks, treatment of NHIW…

As for all the devices we provide, if your installation requires particular dimensions, we can always design and conceive it or realize some adaptations on an already existing model.

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