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DRB - Performance series

The perfect ally for preventives maintenances!


Amongst the ACETT brand locks, the alveolar rotary valve distinguishes itself by its sturdy conception: with shielded and spread end covers as well as a great tightness ensured by cable gland. The shields can easily be replaced without damaging the tightness system in the end covers. The cable glands can be frequently tightened during preventive maintenance to ensure a continuous tightness. These points are well appreciated by process with lock considered as an essential organ.Its explosion resistance can go up to 10 bar.

Different motorisation type can be mounted on your device, according to your preferences or our recommendations. Multiple combinations are possible depending on the technical specification.



The DRB device is meant to be incorporated in heavy industrial installation such as cement work, steel industry, ... that need to be continuously functioning: 24/7 and 365 days/year.

It can be used in every application:

- extraction

- dosage of powders

- pneumatic transport (DelatP allowable 0.5 to 1.5 bar). We also conceived a series of lateral passage locks letting the cells drain through the locks in order to ensure a recovery for pneumatic conveying passage.

It can therefore be provided under applications requiring increased working (see application on the main page: )

Since every installation has its own requirements, so when some options can be recommended, others are essentials for an optimum functioning.

As for all the devices we provide, if your installation requires particular dimensions, we can always design and conceive it or realize some adaptations on an already existing model.


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