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DRC - Ventilation series

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DRC - Ventilation series

The airlock valve for your cyclone


This valve possesses shielded end covers, a rotor with flexible blades on 3 sides implying a reduced weight. Its admissible pressure delta goes from -0.2 up to 0.2 bar. The device can evacuate up to 750 liters per tour (or even more on demand).

Its inlet and outlet section are oversized in order to prevent any stuffing hence a bad flow of the material that is transported.


Conceived to evacuate light but large products without generating any jamming, this rotary valve was exclusively for under cyclone extraction.

Its was not made for hovercraft or pneumatic conveying (see main page here: )

Different motorisation type can be mounted on your device according to your preferences or our recommendations. Multiple combinations are possible depending on the technical specification.

Depending on the product characteristics to transport, the DRC device would suit many lines of business such as chemical and pharmaceutical industry, petfood, cement, sawmil and wood indutry, biomass, minerals, steelworks, treatment of NHIW…

As for all the devices we provide, if your installation requires particular dimensions, we can always design and conceive a customized version of this device or realize some adaptations on an already existing model.

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