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DRF/DRX - Granuvrac series

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DRF/DRX - Granuvrac series

One rotary airlock for your industrial dust removal


The DRF/DRX-Granuvrac series was conceived with shielded end covers against the seals. 

Standardized sizes:

In order to answer the client every need, ACETT conceived this “reversible” rotary airlock the multiple combination of pipe connection possible.

The original form of its flanges leaves many possibilities to the users :

- Round inlet and square outlet (inlet and outlet drilling round/square according to your preferences)

- Square outlet and round inlet (inlet and outlet drilling round/square according to your own preferences)


It was especially planned to function for every use of dust removal and cyclone filters cleaning, with depression and an explosion resistance up to 2.8 bar.

Different motorisation type can be mounted on your device on your request or according to our recommendations. On request, multiple combinations are possible and depending on the technical specification.

Depending on the product characteristics to transport, the DRF/DRX device would suit many lines of business such as chemical and pharmaceutical industry, petfood, cement, sawmil and wood indutry, biomass, minerals, steelworks, treatment of NHIW…



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