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DRA - Classic series

A Multi-skilled air lock


The DRA-classic series conception with spread end covers ensures a proper tightness and a good protection of the ball bearings against dust. Its explosion resistance goes up to 8 bars.

Different motorisation type can be mounted on your device, according to your preferences or our recommendations. Multiple combinations are possible depending on the technical specification.




All applications suit this device:

- Under cells extraction, loaded or not

- Gravity or over the water flow

- Pneumatic transport Introduction (We also conceived a series of lateral passage locks letting the cells drain through the locks in order to ensure a rebound for pneumatic conveying passage.)

This is why you can plan its location under a hopper, a silo for precise dosing or for product extraction/emptying (see application on the main page: )

The versality of the DRA device suits multiple applications and line of business: chemical and pharmaceutical industry, petfood, cement, sawmil and wood indutry, biomass, minerals, steelworks, treatment of NHIW…

Every installation has its own requirements so when some option can be recommended, others are essentials for an optimum functioning. As for all the devices we provide, if your installation requires particular dimensions, we can always design and conceive a customized model of it or realize some adaptations on an already existing model.

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