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AIR – Recycling Flap diverter

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AIR – Recycling Flap diverter

The recycling referral was conceived to supply cells series of a storage, silo or hopper from only one pneumatic conveying circuit. In every industry, powders or granule, can be handled with device. However, some products should be avoided such as fragile products than can break against the flap, abrasive products that can wear the device out or even sticky products than can block it.

The recycling flap diverts by the intern rotation of the deflector either:

- The pneumatic transport circulation to the downstream reception post(recycling).

- Or the filling or simultaneous degassing of the silo or the hopper.

Depending on your transported product characteristics, this device range will suit many lines of business such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, petfood, cement, sawmil and wood indutry, biomass, minerals, steelworks, treatment of NHIW…

The AIR can be adapted to the common TP (DN65 to 125). And as for any device we provide, if your installation requires a device with particular dimensions, it is always possible for us to design and conceive it according to your need.

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