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B2D – Symetrical 2 ways flap diverter

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B2D – Symetrical 2 ways flap diverter

The symmetrical 2 ways flap diverter was conceived to select one of the two ways to your installation and is always placed in a gravity flow diversion.

Its functioning is easy and safe: by a rotary movement, the flap is tackled on the double lips seal of one or the other side of the casing. One inlet and two round or square outlets are one of the main assets of this device range.

It can be adapted to your dimensions. Because of its welded mechanic construction, its diameters will be those of your installation.  Indeed, whatever the product you must convey, the adapted version you need exists.

Depending on your transported product, this device will suit multiple lines of business such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food processing, petfood, cement, sawmill… And, as for any device we provide, if your installation requires a device with particular dimensions, it is always possible for us to design and conceive it according to your need.

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