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Manufacture of custom machines

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Manufacture of custom machines

A solution exists for you!

Our experience and our expertise are at your disposal in order to answer to any of your specific request and answer any technical questions.

Active in all industrial sector for more than 30 years: chemical industry, food industry, petfood, pharmaceutical, cement, sawmill and wood industry, biomass… We have many experiences feedback on several products and process. With a local production, we master our fabrication and maintain an excellent expertise.

We are able to give specific properties to your devices for them to be the most performant in their environment.

Thus, all ACETT products are adaptable according to your need and constraints :

  • Of size
  • Of tightness (high temperature, specific seals…)
  • Of abrasiveness and food (material choice such as steel or refractory stainless steel…)
  • Of resistance (anti-abrasive coating)
  • Of product fluidisation
  • Specific motorisation

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